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Welcome to the companion website for the book, Qualitative Research in a Post-Modern Era released in 2012 by Dr. Karyn Cooper and Dr. Robert White. 

On this site, you will find the related links for each of the videos listed in the book. Videos can be accessed via the link below or by using the button in the above menu.


Qualitative Research is changing as a result of postmodern influences which have changed the way research is interpreted and understood. This has prompted questions which have been knocking at the door of qualitative research for some time now: Who is the researcher in this research account? How does the researcher relate to his/her research? How can the researcher who reads qualitative research relate to and understand the nuances and complexities in qualitative research? How can this volume help us to, not only describe, effect and manage change, but help us to understand, imagine and affect policies, practices and procedures related to research? What can we learn from researchers at the top of their stride who have struggled in order to develop qualitative research?

The book includes illustrative interviews with world famous scholars. William Pinar, Norman Denzin, Henry Giroux, Zygmunt Bauman and Maxine Greene invite the student to engage reflectively and to figure out the rudiments and connections of research methodology and methods for theses. The developed "Five Contexts” serve as a theoretical framework for conducting, understanding and interpreting qualitative research in a variety of disciplines in this post-modern era .

The Qualitative Research in the Post-Modern Era book can be purchased through Springer HERE

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